Faculty of Education・Graduate School of Education・Special Advances Program in Special Needs Education, University of YamanashiFaculty of Education・Graduate School of Education・Special Advances Program in Special Needs Education, University of Yamanashi

Faculty of Education


Principles and purpose

This course aims to educate and examine human resources through a wide range of perspectives on humanity, society, and culture, to impart specialized knowledge of human development and learning and to contribute to the enrichment of human activities. Training goals: Promoting professional development in teachers who foster a rich sense of humanity and educational culture.

In addition to the admission policy of the university, we aim to train teachers with a passion for education and high levels of practical problem-solving ability, who will contribute to the enrichment of human activities.

To this end, we conduct education and research skills to nurture motivation for and skills in collaboration and lifelong learning and to provide training in advanced practical skills and expertise in a wide range of culture and education related to humanity, society, and nature.


1. Group work-type classes conducted with a small number of students

The ratio of teachers to students is 1:1.3. In addition, teachers of specialized course subjects and from various academic fields provide a wealth of specialized knowledge by offering small, detailed classes.

2. Teaching practice that leads to growth

In the second year, students visit schools to observe the teaching practice of their seniors in the “Observational Practice.” In the third year, they plan and hold classes in their own “Teaching Practice.”

3. Education volunteering with children

This aspect refers to volunteer activities that aim to encourage students, who are aspiring to become teachers, to experience the field of education, acquire practical skills, and deepen learning.

4. Extensive educational support for aspiring teachers

To prepare students for teacher recruitment examinations, several courses in preparation for teacher recruitment examination are provided, as well as individual guidance.

Courses, sections, and programs in the school education curriculum

  • ・Development and Early Childhood to Primary Education Course
  • ・Special Needs Education Course
  • ・Language Education Course
    • ・Section of Japanese Language Education
    • ・Section of English Language Education
  • ・Life and Society Studies Education Course
    • ・Section of Social Studies Education
    • ・Section of Home Economics Education
  • ・Science Education Course
    • ・Section of Mathematics Education
    • ・Section of Natural Science Education
    • ・Section of Technology Education
  • ・Arts and Physical Education Course
    • ・Section of Music Education
    • ・Section of Art Education
    • ・Section of Health and Physical Education
  • ・Integrated Teaching Program for Elementary School Education in Yamanashi
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    (Our department cannot award teaching certificates to students from foreign countries.)

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