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Strengthening ties through the enjoyment of nature and culture

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Surrounded by natural beauty, Kofu is a city rich in cultural heritage and renowned for the warmth of its citizens. In the spring, the Kofu Basin is an idyll of cherry and peach blossoms, set gloriously against the backdrop of Mount Fuji and the Akaishi Mountains, Japan’s Southern Alps. Its cultural treasures include an art museum that has assembled an extensive collection of works by Jean-Francois Millet. It is my belief that to live in this city is to love it. Kofu’s urban charms enchanted even the novelist Osamu Dazai, who described them as follows in Shinju no Kotoba [Words of the New Trees]:
“…Kofu is more elegant. One should envision Kofu as a town that has unfurled its tiny flag at the bottom of an upside-down silk top hat; a handsome town permeated with a cultured atmosphere.”

The University of Yamanashi Faculty of Education is situated in the midst of Yamanashi’s natural and cultural heritage. The peaks of the surrounding mountains, including Mount Fuji and the Akaishi Mountains, are visible from our campus, which is conveniently located at a 15 minutes’ walk from JR Kofu Station.

The Faculty of Education is home to a variety of faculty members specializing in diverse academic fields including education, humanities, social studies, science, arts, and sports. All our educators are active in their fields, and they demonstrate a passionate commitment to education and research. Moreover, the student/teacher ratio in each academic year is between 1 and 1.5, allowing us to provide attentive, finely grained instruction to every student in an intimate group environment.

Students come to Yamanashi with the aim of becoming elementary school, junior high school, high school, kindergarten, and special needs education teachers. Others aspire to become leaders in lifelong learning fields including the cultural arts and sports health. Our school enables students to deepen ties with their peers and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

I hope that university life will allow students to deepen their internal dialogues, transcend conflicts of self and society, and find collaboration and fulfillment. The university provides the people, environment, and time necessary for students to discover their individual natures, and I sincerely believe that the learning received at our faculty will provide a lifetime of enrichment.

Kazuhiko Nakamura, Dean,
University of Yamanashi Faculty of Education 

Message from the dean
International Student Center and Office of International Exchange,University of Yamanashi.
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