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University Center for Education Research and Practice

The University Center for Education Research and Practice was established on June 1, 1989 as a comprehensive core research and training facility for teaching practice in order to enhance teacher training at the university. The center comprises three departments—Practical Education Research, Information Education Research, and the Clinical Education Research—and has eight staff members, including the center’s Director, dedicated faculty members who serve in each department, visiting professors, and administrative staff. The center houses facilities for the creation of multimedia teaching materials, lesson seminar and study rooms, as well as a multipurpose room, and it is widely used not only for center business but also for teaching and training purposes. Full-time faculty are responsible for teaching undergraduate classes and engage in a variety of research projects, including “Research to Improve Practical Teaching Skills,” “Research on the Use of IT in Education,” and “Research on Problems in Classrooms,” thereby contributing to the improvement of teaching competence through various attempts at linking educational practice with cutting-edge educational theory. In addition, the center often holds research seminars and workshops that are closely related to educational practice.

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International Student Center and Office of International Exchange,University of Yamanashi.
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